Vinyl Wrapping vs. Traditional Paint Jobs


So what exactly is all the hype about vinyl wrapping your car?  What is vinyl wrapping anyway? Enter in the new alternative to the traditional paint job. Taking over the car industry the vinyl wrapping craze is most probably here to stay.  With the ability to customize the design of your wrap as well as the introduction of color changing wraps, the versatility in vinyl wrapping your vehicle is endless. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves!  We sat down with a a vinyl wrapping company Based out of Orlando, Florida to get all the details on vinyl wrapping as well as the PROS & CONS, so that you may choose for yourself what is best for you and your vehicle!

What is Vinyl Wrapping?

Vinyl wrapping started as a process to help protect your car’s original paint. Basically a giant “decal” or vinyl sheet is digitally printed and then applied to your car.  In a sense your car’s paint absorbs the vinyl wrap. However, should you decide to have your wrap removed, your original paint job is left perfectly intact and often is in better condition due to being protected by the vinyl wrap.

PROS of A Vinyl Wrap

  • Cost Efficient-  The cost of a vinyl wrap compared to that of a traditional paint job is a fraction of the price and you have the ability to completely customize your wrap .
  • ½ The Down Time- Vinyl wrapping can be completed within a day of two.  As long as you have your design finalized and your car is clean and ready to go the actual process takes ½ the time as a traditional paint job. Paint jobs have to allow for prep time, dry time between coats, and other tedious efforts should you be repainting your vehicle.
  • Protect You Paint- we mentioned this above but it’s definitely worth mentioning again. Vinyl wrapping protects the original paint of your car.  You can even add a clear coat to the vinyl wrap to protect the wrap and the original paint even more!
  • It’s Removable- Worth mentioning a second time as well.  You can have your vinyl wrap completely removed without any damage to the underlying paint.  With traditional paint jobs you have to permanently alter the original paint job and there is no going back.

CONS of A Vinyl Wrap

  • Not All Vinyl Is Created Equal-you get what you pay for. Low quality vinyl can damage your paint as well as fade and discolor over time.  Choosing a high quality vinyl like 3M is optimal to ensure a quality. Also it is important to choose A SKILLED PROFESSIONAl that will be applying your wrap.  It’s all about skill and technique. Again you get what you pay for
  • High Quality??- It is debatable that high quality paint jobs can offer a lot more depth and raidenace that that of a vinyl wrap.  Our advice is to see the above….You Get what you pay for
  • Finding a  Quality Installer Near You- although vinyl wrapping has been around for some time now it is just starting to really become popular and have full exposure.  A lot of quality, professional and skilled vinyl wrapping companies have come to fruition, but it can be still hard to find a reputable one in your area. Doing your research is advised, as well as asking and listening for referrals.  See a great looking wrap on someone’s vehicle? Ask them where they had it done.  

In the end vinyl wrapping compared to that of a traditional paint job is decided by that of the vehicle owner.  We All have our personal preferences. One thing to note however, is that vinyl wrapping brings a great competition to traditional paint and the money saved makes it that much more worth it.