Top 6 To Gain World Car Awards






As I continue to feed my infatuation of cars I am always on the lookout for new bits of information, facts, pictures anything really.  Wondering to myself what the top rated cars are of this time I researched  a little and came up with the Top 6 cars as voted by a Toronto based non profit agency making the cut in The World Car Awards.  I didn’t even no that award existed!

There are 6 categories the car awards can be given in, green, design, performance, luxury, urban, and overall.

The Mercedes Benz E class took the award in the luxury category surpassing the BMW 5 series and Volvo S90 and V90 sedans. While the Mercedes does seem to have strong competition it tends to surpass the competition taking home the award in 2015 as well.

Next we have the award winner for 2 categories! The Jaguar F-Pace SUV  one the award for both the World’s Best car Design categories as well as the Car of the Year Award. It has exceptional dynamics, daily utilities, and a bold design.  It is considered the best SUV with an exceptional margin between it and it’s competitors.

The World Performance award went to the Porsche for the fifth time in a row.  The Boxster and Cayman took the lead by far over it’s runners up based on the fact they are 718 mid-engine race cars.

In the environmental category although the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model X came in as strong competition the Toyota Prius took the wine and award for this category. For the mere fact it is a plug in hybrid car it took the World Green award!

Meanwhile the BMWi3 took the World Urban Award in observance of the best smaller fuel efficient car.  Jurors on the board decided that this car proves that smaller fuel efficient cars can be luxurious, easy on the eyes, desirable and pleasant to drive.

Although there are many opinions on what the best cars actually are, the 75 jurors who make up this voting panel are assembled from 23 different countries.  With a wide variety of tastes and opinions that fact that these six cars made the cut and were given these Awards shows that they definitely have a lot to over their drivers.