How To Prevent Dings & Dents In Garage Parked Cars

There’s something about coming home after a long day at work and finally parking your car in the garage.  You have made it home and finally your car is parked and you can go inside and loosen that tie or kick your shoes off.  There is something about the sanctuary of our homes after a long day.  The comfort we feel when we can relax in our own space.  Same is true for parking your car.  Once you open that garage door and pull your car into it’s parking space your guard is down.  From all the hazards of navigating through traffic or busy office building parking lots, even the gas station or grocery store lots. You can rest assure that you and your car are safely home until you proceed to open your car door and hit your garage wall, or maybe the clutter laying about.  Now you have a nice size ding or dent in your door and arriving home just got annoying!

 What are some do it yourself garage door hacks that can help protect your car when you park it in your garage? Our friends at Parker Garage Doors have some great tips on their website on how to protect your car against dents and dings when parking in your garage!  They even shared that dents and dings from garage parked cars tend to be a lot more common than we realize.  Parker Garage experts recommend first decluttering your garage.  This means that all that extra recreational equipment, tools, and leftover holiday decorations find space and order.  Their first suggestion is to use plastic storage bins that can be stacked up against the walls or in attic spaces.  Shelving that stands out of the main garage space is always a great option as well.  Anything like those old clothes your kids don’t fit in anymore or unused materials that can not find a home in the storage bins or shelving should be thrown away, given away or donated.  The idea is to create a clear as space as possible to allow for more room for your automobile in an already tight space.

 Next they recommend taking a pool noodle, yes the ones used to float on by kids at the pool.  Cut it in half long ways and nail it to the walls of your garage.  If you have an exceptionally small garage or even if it’s just a tight fit, the noodle attached to the walls will act as a buffer between your car door hitting the all when you go to get out of your car.  Another great trick that is probably one of the oldest in the book is to attach a string to the ceiling of the garage with a tennis ball attached to the end of the string.  This little device is great for pulling your car in far enough but with out hitting the washing machine or other items that might be in the way of your car.  The tennis ball will hit your windshield when you have pulled in to your parking spot far enough while still giving you a bit of buffering space in front of you.

As always for extra precautionary measures it is always best to keep your garage door and garage door opener maintenance up to date and running smoothly as to protect from your door slamming shut on your car because of broken springs and drums