Limousines…Thing Of The Past Or Vintage Sleek?

Limousines were once the hottest, most prestigious way to travel among wealthy bankers, businessmen, movie stars, let’s face it basically all of the rich and/or famous.  In fact in the 70’s and 80’s the demand for limousine services were at an all time high.  Stepping out of a limousine when attending an awards show, business lunch, or for a day of shopping upped your status quo, especially for those with “new” money.  However, after more than a decade as the world’s  most prestigious transportation the market began to shift.  Suddenly limousines weren’t so popular anymore and in their place were now town cars, vans and SUVs. During this transition A.H.A Technologies Corporation, one of the largest limo manufacturing companies and the top distributor of limousines to the United States went bankrupt.  There was just not enough demand for limousines and therefore the company started losing money on overhead and the cost to manufacture and run it’s facilities. Suddenly limousines were a thing of the past and there was a new era beginning of chauffeur services.  People were after more practical smaller car services that still offered the air of class, elegance, and prestige just in a smaller form.

  Fast forward to the present and according to Hector with PHX Limo Service, Limousines are slowly but surely making a small but significant comeback.  Does it matter that the new and improved version of the limousine is a stretched hummer with flat screen T.V.’s., and in some even a Jacuzzi?  Or that the older standard version such as those made by Cadillac & Lincoln are now vintage sleek?  In fact Hector says the demand for “original style” stretch limousines among high school students has gone through the roof.  How did we not see this coming, is what I would like to know.  Bell bottoms came back in for awhile,

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Top 5 Safest & Most Affordable Auto’s

So, your in the market to buy a new car.  With so many to choose from how do you narrow it down to which automobiles are the safest?  We looked into which exactly are the safest most affordable cars on the market in hopes of providing insight for consumers. Here is what we found!

Top 5 Safest Cars


  • 2017 Toyota Yaris- Although it may lack some desired features and lack on little on the horsepower, the Toyota Yaris is one of the safest cars on the road and is a mere $15,950!  It comes equipped with a Low-Speed Pre-Collision System,  a number of airbags, and even a first aid kit.  Toyota is also one of the top manufacturer of automobiles because of their vehicles LONG life span!
  • 2017 Hyundai Elantra- One of the safest cars on the road, the Elantra has a variety of safety features.  It is also spacious, comfortable and has good fuel mileage.  Starting at $17,150 it’s SAFE to say this is definitely one of the best car picks!
  • 2017 Kia Forte- With safety features such as, Hill Start Assist Control, Vehicle Stability Management, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and being that it is fully equipped with airbags, the Forte is one of the safest cars and comes in at a steal starting at $16,600.
  • 2017 Volkswagen Jetta- Not only does the Jetta have a great body style it is also among one of the top safety rating picks.  Loaded with features such as its  Anti-Slip Regulation System, Engine Braking Assist and its ability to detect passengers, the Volkswagen is a safety competitor. Reasonably priced at $17,895 you definitely t a lot of bang for your buck.
  • 2017 Nissan Sentra- The Sentra starting at $16,900 also has one of the top safety ratings out there.  Equipped with Safety Shield Technology, a Rear View Monitoring System, Smart Auto Headlights, Airbags, and a Traction Control System it’s easy to see why this makes our list as on of the top safety picks for cars.

With help of the Penny Hoarder, we think we have found some pretty great cars to choose from, that are not only safe but easy on the eyes as well. While we all as drivers want safety when purchasing a new car, we also as individuals have body style & other feature preferences.  Thankfully there is an array of cars , trucks, and SUVs that offer top safety picks allowing for all preferences of individual consumers to be satisfied.  

Regular Car Maintenance Tips

It’s safe to say that most if not all of us rely heavily on our automobiles to get us to work, do errands, drop the kids off at school, take family road trips, the list goes on and on.  What I’m sure most of us will agree with as well is, when our vehicle breaks or starts having mechanical, electrical or ac/heating system issues it’s inconvenient and not fun.  Not to mention repairs can be costly as well as making the time to get them stressful when added to an already busy schedule.  So what is it we can do as car/truck owners to help prevent repairs and keep our vehicles running effectively and safely?  Regular maintenance.  In fact these suggested maintenance tips are quick, easy, affordable and can even be done by yourself!

Car Maintenance Tips

1.Regular Oil Changes-

-Quick and easy can be done at home

-Paying for one?  There are usually always specials at different shops

-Regular oil changes helps keep engine lubricated and debris free

-Helps protect against MANY costly repairs

-One of the most important things you can do for your car

2.  Coolant Change-

Regular(green) coolant needs to be changed every 24,000 miles, Extended life coolant changed ever 100,000

– Not changing coolant regularly and continuing to drive can cause Radiator, Heating Core, and Water Pump issues.

3.  Air Filters-

-Need to be replaced annually

-Dirty/Clogged air filters can result in AC/ Heating system issues.

4. Cloudy Headlights-

-For your safety & the safety of others your headlights should be reforming  at max capacity (especially during rainy,snowy, or foggy weather)

-Can be cleaned by rubbing toothpaste on headlight, letting sit for a few minutes and cleaning off with a clean towel.

-Headlight cleaning kits are also available at auto part stores

5. Corrosion On Battery Terminals-

Corrosion on battery terminals can lead to your car not starting

-Corrosion can shorten the lifespan of your car battery

– Puts stress on battery charging system & engine

-Can cause electrical & computer system issues within your car

-Use Coca-Cola or carbonated beverage to remove corrosion(also special battery corrosion cleaner can be purchased at your local auto parts store

Although car maintenance can be somewhat daunting at first, having regular maintenance performed on your vehicle will save you a lot of uneeded repair money in the end.  It will also keep your car running at peak performance! Create your own maintenance schedule that works with your busy schedule and make car maintenance a priority.




How To Prevent Dings & Dents In Garage Parked Cars

There’s something about coming home after a long day at work and finally parking your car in the garage.  You have made it home and finally your car is parked and you can go inside and loosen that tie or kick your shoes off.  There is something about the sanctuary of our homes after a long day.  The comfort we feel when we can relax in our own space.  Same is true for parking your car.  Once you open that garage door and pull your car into it’s parking space your guard is down.  From all the hazards of navigating through traffic or busy office building parking lots, even the gas station or grocery store lots. You can rest assure that you and your car are safely home until you proceed to open your car door and hit your garage wall, or maybe the clutter laying about.  Now you have a nice size ding or dent in your door and arriving home just got annoying!

 What are some do it yourself garage door hacks that can help protect your car when you park it in your garage? Our friends at Parker Garage Doors have some great tips on their website on how to protect your car against dents and dings when parking in your garage!  They even shared that dents and dings from garage parked cars tend to be a lot more common than we realize.  Parker Garage experts recommend first decluttering your garage.  This means that all that extra recreational equipment, tools, and leftover holiday decorations find space and order.  Their first suggestion is to use plastic storage bins that can be stacked up against the walls or in attic spaces.  Shelving that stands out of the main garage space is always a great option as well.  Anything like those old clothes your kids don’t fit in anymore or unused materials that can not find a home in the storage bins or shelving should be thrown away, given away or donated.  The idea is to create a clear as space as possible to allow for more room for your automobile in an already tight space.

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Top 6 To Gain World Car Awards






As I continue to feed my infatuation of cars I am always on the lookout for new bits of information, facts, pictures anything really.  Wondering to myself what the top rated cars are of this time I researched  a little and came up with the Top 6 cars as voted by a Toronto based non profit agency making the cut in The World Car Awards.  I didn’t even no that award existed!

There are 6 categories the car awards can be given in, green, design, performance, luxury, urban, and overall.

The Mercedes Benz E class took the award in the luxury category surpassing the BMW 5 series and Volvo S90 and V90 sedans. While the Mercedes does seem to have strong competition it tends to surpass the competition taking home the award in 2015 as well.

Next we have the award winner for 2 categories! The Jaguar F-Pace SUV  one the award for both the World’s Best car Design categories as well as the Car of the Year Award. It has exceptional dynamics, daily utilities, and a bold design.  It is considered the best SUV with an exceptional margin between it and it’s competitors.

The World Performance award went to the Porsche for the fifth time in a row.  The Boxster and Cayman took the lead by far over it’s runners up based on the fact they are 718 mid-engine race cars.

In the environmental category although the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model X came in as strong competition the Toyota Prius took the wine and award for this category. For the mere fact it is a plug in hybrid car it took the World Green award!

Meanwhile the BMWi3 took the World Urban Award in observance of the best smaller fuel efficient car.  Jurors on the board decided that this car proves that smaller fuel efficient cars can be luxurious, easy on the eyes, desirable and pleasant to drive.

Although there are many opinions on what the best cars actually are, the 75 jurors who make up this voting panel are assembled from 23 different countries.  With a wide variety of tastes and opinions that fact that these six cars made the cut and were given these Awards shows that they definitely have a lot to over their drivers.  

Interesting Automobile Facts

Automobiles don’t only aid in getting us from point A to point B, they are also a collector’s item for some, a passion for others, and a hobby for even more.  Interestingly enough while exploring the automobile world via the world wide web I found some entertaining and unknown facts about cars that I never knew before.  So for you car enthusiast out there and for those that would like a little history and less commonly known facts about automobiles here you go!

First things first the most stolen car out there without a doubt is the Honda Accord.  Maybe it’s the easy access to the car that thieves can obtain or perhaps the hot wiring of the engine, either way this is the most stolen car out there.  Being the ugliest car out there to be manufactured in history, the AMC Gremlin , probably was never stolen! Although it did help create the body style we see on that of SUV’s the Gremlin was deemed the ugliest car and production was only done from 1970-1978.  At the time a brand new Gremlin would go for $1,879 dollars which in today’s society would be about $11,000!

The most beautiful car made on the other hand is the 1946 Cisitalia 202 GT.  It is so beautiful in fact it has it’s own permanent exhibit in the New York Museum Of Modern Art.

One fact that I was happy to read was that automobile fatalities have decreased by 80% in the last 50 years.  In fact 2010 proved to be the lowest number of traffic fatalities recorded in over 62 years!  Either cars are being made better and are a lot safer or people are getting better at driving.

Another interesting fact is that whale oil was used as transmission oil on some cars until 1973!  Whale who knew that???

The 1970 Oldsmobile 442 was one of the fastest cars of it’s time.  It was recorded as going from 0-60mph in just 6 seconds!!

From 1908-1946 the Ford Model T was offered in a variety of colors but not black.  However after re-evaluating cost it was found that black paint was the cheapest and most durable and now the Ford T is ONLY available in black.  

As of now Nevada, California, and Florida are the only 3 states that have legalized self driving cars on their roads and freeways!  With other states such as Arizona and Missouri to name a few in the running to legalize them as well I believe that we will see a lot more self driving cars on the roads in the near future!

Lastly and probably my favorite fact is that electric cars existed long before our time.  In fact  from 1905-1920 Rauch and Lang manufactured electric cars.  Only after gas prices became so low and affordable did they stop producing their electric cars and switch to gas combustion engines in an effort to save money and also create more appeal to the consumer.  

These are just a few of the most interesting automobile facts out there and there is sure to be many more.  The automobile is an incredible invention and proves to be refined in design and safety regularly making it an ever changing and growing industry.

Vehicle Vinyl Wraps – More than just auto customization

In our last post we covered hydro printing as a form of auto customization. Today we explore vinyl wraps, which not only offer customization, but paint protection as well.

Vehicle Vinyl Wraps have evolved incredibly throughout the years. Vinyl wraps have been around for awhile and have the availability to applied to many surface, but the ability to apply them to vehicles, boats, and even airplanes has made the industry surge in recent years. Vinyl wraps, which are basically large sheets of adhesive can be applied in any color, texture, or graphics style. This make the choices endless and the options hard to choose from.

From a business standpoint a commercial wrap, applied to a business vehicle or fleet, offers a great marketing avenue with a very large return on investment. One is able to brand their vehicle with names, logos and other company info. This gets a business in front of thousands, if not millions of people that drive on the road every day. With the evolution of large format printers, pretty much any design can be created and applied to a vehicle.

From a customization standpoint, creativity is at your fingertips. Whether you seek chrome, carbon fiber, a hot pink barbie car, or to make your vehicle look like a plane or space vehicle, a vinyl wrap may be exactly what you are looking for. All this at a fraction of the cost of a paint job. Vinyl wraps offer affordability, paint protection, and the removability factor.

Here are a few tips from Phantom Wrapz, a vinyl wrap company out of Lewisville Texas that specialize in vehicle wraps. They have worked in the signage and large format industry for decades. They have experienced the evolution of vinyl films and the ability to apply them on multiple surfaces, including vehicles. This being said, they recommend these top 3 things to pay attention to.

  1. The Quality of Materials– inks, printers, and equipment are not all created equal. Quality matters, especially when it comes to a vehicle wrap. Make sure the shop you work with uses quality films (3M or Avery), inks, and equipment. It makes a difference in the overall quality and longevity of the vehicle wrap, and your overall cost.
  2. Professional & Experienced Installers– although vinyl films are basically like a large sticker, the installation process is a form of art. Not all shops work with experienced installers, in order to reduce their costs. Installation will impact how long your wrap lasts for and the look of the wrap. A commercial wrap is different and more detailed than a color change wrap, so the experience of the installer is essential.
  3. Proper Vehicle Care– The post vehicle care after a wrap is installed matters. You want to get the most out of your wrap. They will typically last 3-7 years, depending on the quality and installation. Once installed, be mindful of the care you give your vehicle. If it’s constantly left in the penetrating sun, your wrap will eventually fade faster. Do not take it through car washes with aggressive brushes. Hand wash the vehicle or take it through a touchless car wash. The shop you work with should provide you with proper care instructions.

And remember, quality film manufacturers offer warranties on their products. Wrap shops will often include their own warranties. So make sure you ask about warranties!

Hydro Printing

There are a lot of customization options available to vehicle owners these days. From rims and window tint to exotic colors and graphics. In this post I want to discuss an exciting technology that has been growing in popularity over the past decade. It’s called hydro printing.

What is hydro printing?

Hydro printing, hydro dipping, hydragraphics, or whatever you would like to call it is the process of transferring printed graphics to a three dimensional object via water. The process takes place in an apparatus that contains a tub of water that a printed graphic floats atop of with the help of a special chemical placed in the water. The three dimensional object is then placed into the tub at an angle, passing through the printed graphic on top of the water until it is fully submersed into the tub. At that point the object is pulled back out of the tub with the graphic adhered to the exterior of the object. Here is a video to better demonstrate the process.

What Can You Hydro Dip?

People are hydro dipping almost everything. From the full exterior of a vehicle, all the way to cell phone cases. It’s a great option for sign companies and auto customization shops because it can be applied to most substrates; from plastic, fiberglass and wood, to ceramic and metal.

The customization options with hydro printing is endless, if you can print it you can dip it. Additionally, because you are transferring it in water you are able to apply the print to the most detailed and intricate three dimensional objects. Water will fill the smallest crevices and transfer the graphic seamlessly and proportionally. This makes it ideal for specific exterior and interior components of a vehicle, including fenders, bumpers, hood scoops, rims, door paneling, dash’s, and more.

The Process.

You take the same steps when hydro dipping that you do when you paint. The surface must be prepped, primed, and painted. However, before applying a clear coat like you would with a paint job, you apply the graphic.

The graphic is printed on a polyvinyl alcohol hydragraphic film, that is gently placed atop the water in the apparatus. The film is water soluble and because of the activator added to the water it dissolves in the tub becoming part of the water. After the object is dipped and dried, the film will have adhered like a paint job, as long as not too much or too little activator was used.

The finished product is a one of a kind seamless graphic that follows the shape of the object perfectly.

Although a hydro printing apparatus does have a decent price tag with it, and the art of hydro dipping does take some time, it’s a great stand alone service or additional service to offer as an auto customization shop.

Four Spring Maintenance Tips for your Vehicle

We both understand that the cold winter weather can be brutal on vehicles. The weather conditions experienced during winter are usually unfriendly for healthy cars. We usually experience a rough driving season hence the need to give our vehicles a little extra attention in spring. Spring is characterized by warm weather which makes it easier and more enjoyable to clean and inspect your vehicle and ensure it functions as it should.

Why should I do this in spring, you may ask? By taking some proactive auto maintenance steps on your vehicle, you’ll not only keep yourself safer when driving but also prevent potentially more costly damage down the road. Neglecting your vehicle always means huge expenses in repairs in the long run. You can save money and ensure optimal performance of your vehicle by being proactive in taking care and maintaining your vehicle. Here are some guidelines to help you maintain and look after your car as you get to spring.

Wash and Wax your Vehicle

The first and most important thing you can do with your vehicle in spring is cleaning it thoroughly and waxing it. During winter, your vehicle is bound to have a huge amount of salt build up, debris and road grime. Your focus should be to get rid of all these materials as spring starts. You don’t want to allow grime and debris to continue building up on your vehicle as this may affect its finish and paint. The salt, if not cleaned off the vehicle, could result in serious problems such as rusting. Don’t forget to clean the inside of your vehicle as well.

Inspect your Tires

If you had installed winter tire, this is the time to replace them for better performance in the starting season. Winter is usually characterized by temperature fluctuations which tend to affect tire pressure. You should, therefore, inspect the tire pressure including the spare tire. Make necessary adjustments. Ensure your vehicle has a good tire thread. Note that car tires are essential for your safety. Consider rotating your car tires at least every five thousand miles. This ensures even tread wear.

Check Alignment and Suspension

You agree to the fact that the winter season is often harsh on roads. Throughout this season you’ve been traversing and moving across huge potholes which could have affected your vehicle’s alignment or damaged its suspension. Consider taking your vehicle to a reputable auto shop for a quick suspension and alignment inspection. Make sure everything is working fine and if every problem fixed.

Inspect Wiper Blades and Brakes

You need to be sure if your wiper blades are working properly. As the temperatures start warming up, inspect your vehicle’s wiper blades for any signs of damage or wear. The ice buildup in the cold weather can cause this part of your vehicle to wear of crack. They play a very important role when it comes to spring rains.

Take your vehicle to an auto mechanic for an inspection on its brake system. Sometimes the cold weather can cause the brake pads and rotors to wear or get damaged. Brakes are very important for your safety when driving. Make sure they are working fine even as spring starts.